Deborah Slone is a watercolor and graphite artist living in Lexington, Kentucky.  Deborah grew up in the Appalachian mountains where she spent many hours playing in the woods and cultivating a life-long appreciation for the beauty and the delicate balance of the natural world.  


Deborah received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Studio Art, with an emphasis in painting and drawing, from Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.  For the past decade she has been a passionate facilitator of community art classes and private lessons for both children and adults. She currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her family, three cats, and a dachshund named Hershey.  


The themes in Deborah’s work are a nod to her family’s generational storytelling traditions and a handed-down appreciation for the beauty of nature as a symbol, or a tool, used to create meaning from daily life.  This practice of seeking symbols in nature is a means of connection to these traditions which have served as a source of both survival and enrichment.  


Deborah’s botanical watercolor compositions are created from her own photographs of people and plants, insects, and natural objects found on her family’s eastern Kentucky land.  Each painting is created using many layers of a watercolor glazing technique to slowly build up the form and character of each object.  They offer offer an opportunity to reflect intimately on the natural world and to consider the shared stewardship of both our traditions and the environment.