My newest painting series is called Found.  My painting process for Found begins in the woods on hiking trips during visits to my family's 200-acre property in Floyd County, Kentucky, where I was raised.  


Since childhood my dad has a ritual of giving extensive "tours" of the land, walking the property, cutting errant limbs and vines and picking up nuts, berries, and seeds, offering them to me and giving the names of all of the natural life he recalls.  Over the years I've begun to carry a camera or cell phone with me on these walks and I take photos of the plants, insects, and other natural arrangements we find along the way.  I work exclusively from these reference photos.


In my studio I begin detailed pencil drawings on watercolor paper, mapping out the topography and tones of the image.  Next, I build subtle layers of watercolor glazes to slowly define the objects with attention to their weight and form, and the effects of the natural light.  My goal is to capture the objects as I encounter them in their natural arrangement.